Saturday, 6 December 2008

What's the next "golden mine"?

I didn't update this blog for two weeks, because--
My laptop didn't work in a sudden!!!

However, I do have a lot of things to write
First of all, is about the future

Nov 22-23, SBS hold a "360 degree Silicon Valley". Many executive managers of companies in Silicon Valley came and delivered speeches.
During one of its panel, the president did a poll among audience and the speakers: "How long will this financial crisis be?” Most people chose 2-3 years, some chose 5 years, and very few chose less than one year or 5-10 years.


Let's say this crisis will last 5 years, then why the whole society worries so much? If only 5 years, you can just prepare yourself enough food and money and go through it.


For me, I think first of all, the damage of this crisis is not yet clear now. Professor Tomo discussed different ways of dealing with bad debt which is quite helpful to understand the more and more serious situation recently (Citi might be bankrupt, UK interest rate cut again, etc): reveal the bad debt right now or later. I will write a separate blog for this topic.

Secondly, how long will it lasts?

Thirdly, what this world will be in the future?
I think the finance sector will no longer be the top "golden mine". Such "clever guys' games" won't stop, however, with more government regulations and more conservative investors will keep the clever guys' game in a certain level and no longer extremely higher and higher .

Then, what will be the next "golden mine"?

About carbon trading: Why this is helpful for this planet?
It's just a delay of decrease CO2.
What will this industry be after 2012?
Will it still exist?

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