Saturday, 27 December 2008

Those COINs

There are only three major kinds of coins in China: one Yuan, one Jiao and wu Jiao. Here: one Pound, two ponds and MANY small ones which are in different shapes and colours and not easily be recognized - fifty, twenty, five, two and one pence(s)!

I still remember that I got totally confused during the whole first month. My wallet was always too heavy to carry because I never had chance to spend the coins but kept receiving. Even now, I always have chance to keep my bag heavy and I've used special coin bag with wallet at the same time because the speed I spend always slower than the speed the coins come in. However, there is a saying, you can learn a country's history through its money issued. And I do find many interesting things from the coins.

First of all, one pound.
I've already found 12 different types of one pound coins!! Four of them are relatively rare to see but others are popular. I view them in three groups: constructions, plants and fantasies.

The next most interesting thing is one penny. I have a coin wrote "new penny" not "one penny"!!!

Then is two pounds.
If I have to guess the meaning of the different one pounds, different two pounds are really telling stories:

Fifty pences like two pounds but relevantly rare.

Some time coins change little between years. For example, the two pences in 2007 put D.G. to the left of the head side. And the twenty pences added year on the head side while before that they don't have it.

Finally, show the beautiful 2008 pences.

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