Friday, 26 December 2008

the Queen's College

Thanks Young, Clarice and I visited the Queen's College on December 11th.

Founded in 1341 and rebuilt in 1730s, the Queen's College is the 8th oldest college in Oxford. I've been in the Queen's during Oxford Pursuit to find out the symbal of this college (eagle). My first impression of the main site of the Queen's is a small one one with buildings around one quad. This time, by the guide of Young, I totally "redefined" this college. Its library and chapel are very beautiful and well contained. And the lunch provided the most or at least one of the most choices among the colleges I've visited.

The second floor of the Queen's college library is full of ancient books! And the ceiling, the book shelfs are so beautiful that it's hard to take eyes away from them.

The first floor is totally different from the second, very morden but cozy and I like it too.

Besides a unique library, there are also very beautiful chapel and dining hall.
Like the name and the statues on the main entrance of this college, I feel the style here is elegance: every where is well taken care of, not grand but beautiful and cozy.

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