Thursday, 25 December 2008

Visiting to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Original the Ashmolean Museum, now the "Oxford University Museum of Natural History", is one of my favratour places in Oxford. Worthy visiting at least three times: once for the building, two times for the collections.

I love this place because of its amazing building! Though it's full of all kinds of collections, some are giant dinosaurs, walked in there, I felt walking outdoor: bright nature light and very comfortable air. And the building itself is grand but full of beauty in every detail that I seldom see elsewhere.

Each pilow has different decarations at the top and in the bottom.

I love here also because of the numerious collections.
Animals, Plants:
Besides the building and collections, the visitors are also one reason that I love it: many little children were starting their understanding to the nature from this place. These lovely visitors made this old building which represents history full of energy.

And there was an photo exhibition under going, many attractive works.

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