Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Volunteer work in the Museum of the History of Science | 牛津科学史博物馆

During the break of Hilary term, I tried several things I planned but never found time to do. Volunteer work for the Museums of Oxford is one of them. April 4th, as the volunteer for a special event, I worked in the Museum of the History of Science.

This museum locates on the broad street, the centre of Oxford, neighbour to the Sheldonian Theatre and the Bodleian Library. Compare to the Museum of Natural History, this one is much smaller (that's why they require all visitors with backpacks put the bags in front of the bodies) but also provides rich collections and events.

The collections are not just in the exbition rooms but everywhere. For example, along the stairs there are huge equipments. Upper is an inner of a huge clock.

April 4th was a special "Astronomy Day" of "the English Telescope from Newton to Herschel" exhibition. The visitors can enjoy Sun Observation, special guided tour and talks provided by many experters.
I visited the museum again to watch The English telescope exhibition. The exhibition was in the underground. See from the structure and the wall, this room was quite old. But the conditions of the old telescopes it showed were much nicer than I thought. It was a good experience to learn how people develop the telescope gradually thus led the descoveries of outer space and micro space.

Besides special exhibitions, the regular collections are interesting too. Like the "Einstein blackboard".
Finally I want to show you one special thing-- a sophisticated huge lock It's the lock of the door of the museum and normally you can't see it as a visitor!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Nuffield College | 牛津,Nuffield学院游

Though the Nuffield College is only five minutes' walk from SBS I never walked in. But each time when I pass it, the pond attracted my attention. At the end of March, right after the exam of Hilary term, I decided to take a look there. Like the St. Cross, Nuffield is a graduate college too and is also a cozy one. It took me less than ten minutes walking around.

There is a quite special plant, all the leaves are symmetrical!

St. Cross College | 牛津,St. Cross学院游

There are 39 colleges in Oxford. It's always a interesting journey to visit a new college. Though all the colleges belong to the Oxford university, each of them has its own character. Like the Wadham, founded in 1610, has a very modern libry! While Keble, founded in 1870, has a much older, traditional library.

I went to several colleges during this Spring term break (most colleges are closed to visitors during break, but a member of Oxford can enter freely to almost all of them). But some places of the colleges, like the library, the dining hall, the MCR...only the member of that college can show me. Lucky I had JB show me St. Cross College this time.

St. Cross, locates on the St. Giles road, looks very old. But I didn't know till that day that it is a newly founded college: was formed on 1960s. What a "young" one in Oxford!
St. Cross is a graduate college which means no undergraduate members there. It's quite small but cozy college combined with two parts: old front yard and modern back yard.

Very comfort Common Room with many newspaper, magazines and a very "Chinese" gong.

Happened watched young students playing ball game. A quite interesting one.

Wish all of you have nice days in this Spring, a peaceful mind and a strong heart.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Barcelona, a city of imagination (2) | 巴塞罗那,梦幻城

Dandelion and an impressive Business Plan | 蒲公英与商业计划书写作

After read this year's applicantions for the SBS Venture Fund, I felt exciting about a lot new ideas but pity for quite a lot of the plans lack essencial contents.
What is necessary in an impressive Business Plan?

First of all, remember that ideas don't equal to businesses. Most business plans talk a lot about a/the great idea, which is great but far away from enough. Like this dandelion, it's very unique and outstanding: the only white one there and much softer than yellow marguerites around. But if you only describe it as: fresh flower/plant in spring, then no body can tell the unique and special of it. You have to show the UNIQUE QUALITY of your business to impress the investors!
Second, Businesses = ideas + realize + profits. Do remember to tell "Why is you/your team?" and "How much money you need, and why this much?"
Wish everyone a fresh beautiful Spring, 2009.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Clouds before the rain, Chinese ink painting | 中国水墨画的一幕

Yesterday, on my way to Li's home, I saw a live Chinese ink painting: the clouds before the rain in the sky.

The buttom of it liked the strongest brush, and up was lighter ink with more water and water went into the paper and spreaded. With no boundaries, the colour changed very smoothly and naturely.


Friday, 10 April 2009

London, Les Miserables | 伦敦城,歌剧《悲惨世界》

I almost missed my train back because of Les Miserables!

Les Miserables wasn't my first choice, Wicked is. Since yesterday is the day before the Easter holiday, tickets were sold out everywhere: Wicked, Mama Mia...Luckily we got some tickets in the Queen theatre of Les Miserables. And I was deeply attracted by the show that almost missed the train.

Different from the Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables doesn't use many complicated scenes, and I didn't feel its great at the first 15 minutes. But as "the world's longest running musical", its greatness impressed me so much that when I had to leave early to catch up the train I didn't want to leave for even 15 minutes.

Here are the things got me:
1. chorus
2. slow down actions
3. personal tragedy under the national background
The ceiling of the Queen reminded me the ceiling of the Oxford Sheldolian Theatre. Only the one here is full of scruptures not just a painting.
The circle light is decrated by countless flowers.

This was my first time saw lights moved manually!!! Special seats have their advantages;)

The National Gallery | 伦敦,国家美术馆

This is one of my favourites of the National Gallery.
The National Gallery is a great place to visit.
And the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Botanic Garden, the musicials...Most are free some charge reasonable fees and all are brilliant. What a lovely city London is!!