Monday, 21 September 2009

Visiting Cambridge | 初访剑桥

Oxbridge, people always put these two schools together and it's a must to visit Cambridge as a student in Oxford. However I never did this because - it takes FOUR HOURS to go to Cambridge from Oxford!!!! Comparing one hour to London, this journey sounds too long for me:p. Lucky this time, a friend of mine need some favour thus I had to be in Cambridge.

After one year in Oxford, I finally visited Cambridge! I travelled by coach (By train will require changes in London from Paddington station to the King's Cross station, not recommended) and it took 3.5 hours. As a student, day-return ticket will only cost 11 GBP, even cheaper than the return ticket from Oxford to London. Coach is more convient and cheaper than train, however, the coach station is not in the center of Cambridge, which will take 10-15 mins walk to reach the town center:(.

My first impression of Cambridge, the parkside.

I'm always curious about Cambridge since the feedback from my friends who ever visited there are only two types: either love Cambridge so much or don't like it at all. How different Cambridge can be?

Followed by myself, I found this campus is a too new to feel its 800 years' old history place. The colleges, the shops, the center market...all the buildings are newer than those in Oxford. From time to time, when I walked in the lane of shops, I felt myself in somewhere York down town not Cambridge!

BTW, on the way back to Oxford, see some very beautiful scenes.

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