Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Dinner in the Trout Inn| 牛津餐馆:红鳟鱼

After visiting the Trout Inn last December, I went to this "most beautiful restuarant in Oxford" a second time last Friday to have dinner with classmates who come from China.

The Trout Inn sits in the north of Oxford, which will take more than 1 hour's walk from SBS and much more time from east area of Oxford. So normally we seldom chosing there as venue for dinner. This time, to celebrate the reunite after the summer and the end of this one year, we decide going there.

It's always a nice experience enjoying food in the Trout. Better is I saw a complete rainbow this time!!!! It was a rainbow covering the whole skyline with very clear strong colour. In the beginning I even saw a twin lighter rainbow!!!

Pity I didn't bring the wide lens but a 50mm fixed one which can't even take a quarter of the rainbow. So I only took two pics of half rainbow with the phone camera.

Go there by bus takes only 16 miniutes from the center Oxford. Number 6 bus starts from the local Sainsbury and ends in the Wolvercote is your choice. It costs only 3 ponds for a return trip and the bus runs 24 hours a day!

Book your place in advance if you will go in a big group!

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