Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Volunteer work in the Museum of the History of Science | 牛津科学史博物馆

During the break of Hilary term, I tried several things I planned but never found time to do. Volunteer work for the Museums of Oxford is one of them. April 4th, as the volunteer for a special event, I worked in the Museum of the History of Science.

This museum locates on the broad street, the centre of Oxford, neighbour to the Sheldonian Theatre and the Bodleian Library. Compare to the Museum of Natural History, this one is much smaller (that's why they require all visitors with backpacks put the bags in front of the bodies) but also provides rich collections and events.

The collections are not just in the exbition rooms but everywhere. For example, along the stairs there are huge equipments. Upper is an inner of a huge clock.

April 4th was a special "Astronomy Day" of "the English Telescope from Newton to Herschel" exhibition. The visitors can enjoy Sun Observation, special guided tour and talks provided by many experters.
I visited the museum again to watch The English telescope exhibition. The exhibition was in the underground. See from the structure and the wall, this room was quite old. But the conditions of the old telescopes it showed were much nicer than I thought. It was a good experience to learn how people develop the telescope gradually thus led the descoveries of outer space and micro space.

Besides special exhibitions, the regular collections are interesting too. Like the "Einstein blackboard".
Finally I want to show you one special thing-- a sophisticated huge lock It's the lock of the door of the museum and normally you can't see it as a visitor!

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