Friday, 10 April 2009

London, Les Miserables | 伦敦城,歌剧《悲惨世界》

I almost missed my train back because of Les Miserables!

Les Miserables wasn't my first choice, Wicked is. Since yesterday is the day before the Easter holiday, tickets were sold out everywhere: Wicked, Mama Mia...Luckily we got some tickets in the Queen theatre of Les Miserables. And I was deeply attracted by the show that almost missed the train.

Different from the Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables doesn't use many complicated scenes, and I didn't feel its great at the first 15 minutes. But as "the world's longest running musical", its greatness impressed me so much that when I had to leave early to catch up the train I didn't want to leave for even 15 minutes.

Here are the things got me:
1. chorus
2. slow down actions
3. personal tragedy under the national background
The ceiling of the Queen reminded me the ceiling of the Oxford Sheldolian Theatre. Only the one here is full of scruptures not just a painting.
The circle light is decrated by countless flowers.

This was my first time saw lights moved manually!!! Special seats have their advantages;)

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