Sunday, 1 March 2009

Michealmas review - 1 the two most popular things on Oxford street

Spring is coming, Hilary's past half, have to write down some memories in Michealmas before they go away.

1. the two most popular things on the Oxford street

What are your guesses? 
-People in Gowns?

I say they are:
Bottles of alcohol
Bodies of gum

It's much easier here than Shanghai to see different kinds of bottles of different types of alcohols on the street. Some are on the window tables, some are in the middle of some pillars, some are besides the wall, some have already been pieces...

Bottles get cleaned after a certain period of time, bodies of gums are not. They lie on the ground of every where. Interesting is that most of they keep in white while in other cities the bodies of gums would be grey or dark. Another interesting thing is that you can find the most popular bars, bus stops by following the bodies of gums: in front of these places there have the most bodies of gums. 

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