Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Kongfu Panda!

Tonight, I heard "Kong fu Panda" from BBC radio1 when I occasionally turned to that chanel!!!!!!!!!!!!Emmmm, maybe I should not introduce things about "how to be experts in Chinese issues" but "Kong fu Panda" in last Friday...

Kongfu Panda, one of my favourite movies!!
Top 3!

I love the traditional Chinese elements everywhere there, from big structures to small details. Which reminds me some excellent Chinese cartoon films in early 80s drawn by hands.

Another thing I loved is its English-Chinese scripts. Sometimes they are totally no relationship at all [one in very US way while another in very Chinese way] but reflect the same spirit and lead people learn from laughing!

Some my favourite quotes:
"There'e no charge for awesomeness or to attractiveness "
"The secret ingredient of my secret ingredient soup is...nothing.To make something special ,you just have to believe it’s special"

BBC radio

BBC has many radio channels. Normally I will listen to BBC Oxford. Yesterday I found Radio 1 is interesting too: it provides more music! I like the rap and pop music there which shows me the latest trends of music.

Friday cooking night

I will hold the 2nd Friday Cooking Night this Friday. However we cannot find proper meat for the soup: spareribs. The spareribs we found in supermarkets here are all very GIANT, while in China they will be pretty small size...

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