Saturday, 22 November 2008

Asian Food Festival

Because of last night's successful Friday Cooking Night(?), today is all about foods.

First, I tried "Microwave Fried nuts". This is what Biru taught me several weeks ago. It's very simple: First mix the nuts with one spoon oil then microwave them. That's it! However, today I found it was not so easy as it sounded.

Nuts with oil
haha, see? Those black ones were failures.
Pick them out.
The rests are quite nice!! I ate them with the beautiful sky this afternoon.
Later I went to the "Asian Food Festival" at evening. Emmm...many people cued at the door and it was freezing!

Even entered the college, people still had to cue to enter the dining hall. What a successful Festival!

Finally, after about half an hour's waiting, we stood in front of the foods. There were different clubs provided about eight types of foods: Chinese, HK, TW, Japanese, Korean, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.

My dear classmates
I even met a friend from club OUSAS (em, we watched stars together):
In all, I tried some Vietnam dessert(good), HK noodle with meat (yummy), Korean Spicy chicken with sticky rice cake (nice), Malysia Meat(oh, too dry and cold...)

"MBA phenomenon"
When we cued at the door, I was stopped by Nancy and then we stopped more and more MBAs. People said in "Turkish night" on Friday there were also full of our classmates. emmm...are MBAs really so active?!
I don't think so. This only reflects we are so different in this university, haha:
1. we have more than 200 people, such a huge group makes us higher posibility to bump each other in this relevant small town;
2. we have similar time schedule and most of our time are filled with classes that we easily go out at a same time!

Allow me finish with Hang's sweet smile.

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