Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bath, a small yet big town

Bath was supposed to be a small town. However, I feel it's not small at all: the grand Bath Abbey, the huge Roman Spa, even the "mini" fashion museum...each took me hours. And the famous Sally Lunn cafe, it's the place for tea, how can I have an afternoon tea in a such a short amount of time? I spent a long time in here as well!

Bath Abbey.
The outer building is full of details.

The interior is beautiful too.

The grand ceiling:

When the sunshine came in, even the hard stone looked soft.

I love the golden colour that came from the sunshine. (You can see, the walls are full of tomb stones. These tomb stones came from different years and it might take you hours to read even just some of the epitaphs. )

If it were not for me, Xiao wouldn't have gone to Bath Abbey. And after the visit, she totally agreed this is a great place. If it weren't for Xiao, I wouldn't have visited Bath Spa! After the 2-hour tour, I found it's definitely a place you must go if you are not familiar with the history of Bath, England or Rome at that time.
Roman Spa Museum
The Museum is very well organized. Old building remains, 3D simulations, laser projections, quite detailed and vivid commentaries gave me a sense of the whole experience...I felt as if I was put in a time machine going back to that ancient time, watching the Romans building this huge building and enjoying the hot spring.
The major sites took up too much time that we almost missed the famous Sally Lunn cafe. Luckily we finally made it! After a quick look at the kitchen museum (so many museums in this Bath trip...), we sat there and enjoyed the tea - taking our time.

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