Sunday, 26 October 2008

Top of the Chapel

According to the book Cathedral, Parish Churches, College Chapels of Oxford, there are "at least seventy churches, chapels, meeting houses, mosques and synagogues" in Oxford. One of them is in my college. It looks grand and beautiful. People can easily visit it most of the time. However it's very unusual standing on the roof of it. I was very lucky to take a tour to the top of the chapel!

It was mid October. First, we were showed the inside of the Chapel and were told the history of it and the meaning of many paintings around the walls.

pipe organ

My first time seeing a real pipe organ. This pipe organ is so beautiful and unique because of the colours. Even the wall, the roof are full of colours. What a special chapel.
Up a very narrow spiral staircase, we started this amazing advanture.
There was a lot of dust on these stairs. You can easily see that people seldom walk on them.
The last part of the stairs were very steep. I had to use both my hands and feet to climb.
Top of the chapel. The thing that amazed me most was that there was so much wood! After so many years the floor doesn't even have any sound when you walk on it. The place where I live is much newer than this chapel and we always hear sound and worry about it when we walk on it!

Dead bat's body
Finally, we stood on the top of the Chapel!
It's so different watching the college from this angle:

And I found that the roads in the middle of the grass is a...
And for me, it's like a closer way to talk with this place which is more than 200 years:

How are you?'

See chapel again in another angle with the amazing sunset reflection:

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